13 11月 2022

Post-media Photography In The New Age

This article lists some of the works of two emerging artists, Kenta Cobayashi and Jean-Vicent Simonet. Through the influence of digital aesthetics and language concepts on post-media photography creation and the printing medium, manual intervention in the traditional operation of physical photos and the collision of Photography itself. It explores the meaning of these photos in the post-media era. Moreover, what new ways the traditional media of Photography and digital culture are influencing and changing the expended of Photography.

本文列出了两位新兴艺术家 Kenta Cobayashi 和 Jean-Vicent Simonet 的部分作品。 通过数字美学和语言观念对后媒体摄影创作和印刷媒介的影响,人工干预实物照片的传统操作与摄影本身的碰撞。 它探讨了这些照片在后媒体时代的意义。 此外,传统的摄影媒体和数字文化有哪些新的方式正在影响和改变摄影的消费。

Real and Unreal in Wolfgang Tillmans’Photos

This article discuss the truth and falsity of images from two photographs by Wolfgang Tillmans, starting from the spatial materiality of photos, the meaning of images, and the connection between images and our reality, combining metaphysics and Lacan’s mirror stage theory, Explore what inspiration and meaning this brings to the beholder of the image.

本文从Wolfgang Tillmans的两张照片中讨论图像的真假,从照片的空间物质性、图像的意义、图像与我们的现实之间的联系出发,结合形而上学和拉康的镜像舞台理论,分析其中带给图像旁观者的启示。

OVERPAINTED PHOTOGRAPHS CHALLENGE THE SEARCH FOR MEANING ——Gerhard Richter’s Different Understandings of Photographic Reality

This essay aims to analyze the overpainted photographs of German visual artist Gerhard Richter, explore the meaning of the way of painting on photographs and try to get a new perspective. Understand photography and the real-world meaning of photographs and what they represent.

本文旨在分析德国视觉艺术家格哈德·里希特(Gerhard Richter)的重绘照片,探讨绘画方式在照片上的意义,并尝试获得新的视角。 了解摄影和照片在现实世界中的意义以及它们所代表的含义。