Aperol Spritz (Filmtail)
13 11月 2022


When I first saw Aperol Spritz, I was instantly drawn to its bright orange color. The Chinese translation of this cocktail is “Sunset Afterglow”, originally from its beautiful color. During my travels in Europe, I drank an Aperol Spritz almost every day. It represents what I feel when I travel: the flow of enthusiasm, the collision of surprises, the inspiration and randomness of relaxation. I soaked these travel films in a cocktail to relive this wonderful memory once again.
The series of work expresses my perception of the fluid environment of the city and its surroundings during travel and intoxication, and explores the fluidity, sensibility and metaphysical potential of photography through this experimental approach.

当我第一次看到 Aperol Spritz 时,我立刻被它明亮的橙色所吸引。 这种鸡尾酒的中文译名是“落日余辉”,源于它美丽的橙色。 在欧洲旅行期间,我几乎每天都喝一杯 Aperol Spritz。 它代表了我旅行时的感受:热情的流动,惊喜的碰撞,放松的灵感和随意。 我将这些旅行电影浸泡在鸡尾酒中,再次重温这段美好的回忆。

“Aperol Spritz”作为意大利的国民开胃酒,也是我这个项目的第一篇章。我将使用“胶尾酒”的方式进行一个长期项目:探索不同城市的文化以及它们特别的酒类文化。