24 1月 2022

Whenever a political image or class image appears, will we naturally substitute males first; whether the relationship between each social group, such as family, is connected by males; and so on. The definition of “other” explains my vague sense of discomfort in cognition of the world: many things seem not to have been designed for me, or that their definition is not based on me. And when I imagine myself as a male, the substitution comes naturally and the discomfort disappears.

After this awareness is awakened, the existing injustice in the world will clearly emerge. Not only the deep-rooted contradiction of why women are supposed to take care of the family, but also the question of whether women have emotional and physical needs that cannot be met by men, which I have never considered, are worth thinking about.



Styling: 菏乐乐@0菏乐乐 

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