19 1月 2022



“ 摄影对我来说是在现实中增添了我个人的主观意识融合的产物。而我认为摄影可以通过叙事者的各种手法使图像呈现的内容能够跳脱出现实,以幻想的渠道和碎片化创造出一个超现实的世界。”

Born in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province in 1998, she studied film and television production at Shanghai University Film School, and obtained a master’s degree in University Of Westminster MA Photography Arts. Her photography style tends to be surreal, focusing on subcultural groups and fragmented associations in daily life. The work focuses on exploring the fluidity and metaphysical potential of photography, focusing on nuanced emotional experiences in everyday life.

“For me, photography is a product that adds my personal subjective consciousness to reality. I think photography can make the content presented in the image escape from reality through the various techniques of the narrator, and use fantasy channels and fragmentation. Create a surreal world.”


2020 BA in film and television production,Shanghai University
2022 MA in Photography Arts,University of Westminster


2022 Before I Watch,Before I Touch, Gallery West, University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom
2022 Before I Watch,Before I Touch, Pingyao International Photography Festival,Shanxi, China
2022 Before I Watch,Before I Touch, Fuzhou Photography Festival,Fujian, China
2023 Aperol Spritz,Look Again Degree Show,Ambika P3,London,United Kingdom


2022 Finalist, Souce Magazine Graduate Photography
2022 Honorable Mention, Annual Photography Awards
2022 落日余晖 日本半山 Gallery Recommend
2023 TOP20·2023中国当代摄影新锐展
2023 第五届IDPA无像摄影样书奖
2023 纸上空间-2023集美·阿尔勒图书展


2022 Before I Watch,Before I Touch,Bob Books, London
2022 Aperol Spritz Drinking List, London
2022 “Source: Graduate Photography 2022” Source Magazine,w.source.ie


2017-2020 Shanghai Beer9 Culture Media Co., Ltd. photographer
2018 Hope Salad product shooting
2018 Filming of Dicos Tiktok Project
2019 Beijing Haoxin Xuan cake brand advertising video shooting
2019 Cloudhatsystem event shooting (Shanghai Fashion Week event shooting)
2019 Editing work for the Oil Tank Art Festival
2020 Taobao “HeartBreaker”, “SchwarzGold”new product shooting
2021 Aerial photography of the promotional video of Shanghai Jinghua Company Sheshan
2021 Aerial photography of China Construction Eighth Burea


2018 Photo Contest Judging Meeting and Photographic Equipment Salon Organizer: Shanghai University Responsibilities: Student Judges and Photographic Equipment Introducers
2018 Chunji·Regeneration and Reconstruction SHOW Shanghai Organizer: Chunji purefair Responsibilities: Field photo
2018 Compilation – Paper Image Production Workshop Organizer: abc Art Book Fair Responsibilities: Volunteer